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Asda may face mass legal claim over equal pay

Supermarket chain Asda in firing line as law firm lines up thousands of claimants for equal pay case

10 most ridiculous excuses for not going to work

CareerBuilder.com has released its annual list of the oddest reasons for not going into the office, or pulling a sickie. From casseroles to casinos, they really take some believing. Claire Cohen reports

Build your LinkedIn profile and boost your career chances

Don't fall into the trap of leaving it till the end of your degree to start cultivating networks, get ahead of the game in first year, says Tonyeh Vincent

How She Did It: Girls, I dropped out of Computer Science, so you don't have to

How She Did It showcases your stories of work success. Here Alexa Glick, 26, reveals how being the only woman on her university course motivated her to start Codess - a network for women interested in computer engineering

Are you one of the 50pc that has never asked for a pay rise?

More than half of British workers have never asked their boss for a pay increase

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