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Self employed? You'll be older, working longer and for less pay

The Great Recession has forced many people to stay in work, including those who work for themselves. Here are seven things you need to know about self employment

Why do 1 in 4 graduates quit within a year of starting work?

Employers' desire to hire only the cream of the crop contributes to a quarter of graduates taking up the wrong job and leaving within a year of starting

Women - want to close the gender pay gap? It's time to face an uncomfortable truth

Research shows young women are paid roughly the same as their male counterparts. The pay gap only widens as we approach our forties. Sophy Ridge says it's time to stop tip-toeing around the real reason for this inequality

Women managers in their 40s paid third less than men

A survey of 68,000 managers across the UK showed an average pay difference between men and women of more than 23pc

Women have to work 14 years extra to earn what men do

Female managers have to work until almost 80 to match male colleagues' pay as 'mid-life pay crisis' hits

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