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Why you're £38 a month worse off than five years ago

Take-home pay is rising on a short-term basis but wages are yet to return to pre-crisis levels

Skilled foreign workers boost British growth by £210bn a year

Legion of 'inpats' provide an estimated £210bn boost to the UK economy each year and drive 15pc of all output, according to report by Lloyds Bank

New mothers face pay cuts on return to work

Nearly half of mothers earning under £100,000 experience a wage reduction of 40pc or more when returning to work

Want a pay rise? Here's the jobs to go for - and avoid

Official data says wages are falling but we've identified the sectors where it's rising fastest - or falling the most

Fly 11 days non-stop? Now that's long-haul

Airbus successfully tests solar-powered aircraft with potential to fly for ever and offer satellite-like communications

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