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This bank wants to pay your apprentices' wages

Close Brothers unveils plans to help fund 60 apprenticeships for small and medium-sized businesses

I left school with one O level. Now I'm a household name

Politicians from all parties are right to offer apprenticeships, but our shameful attitude towards them as second rate to academia won't change overnight

'What are you doing after graduation?'

You never know where your choice of degree will lead you, says Eleanor Doughty

UK's jobs boom would not survive a Left-wing war on business

By making the economy less competitive and discouraging firms from spending, job creation, Britain's greatest economic achievement, would be dealt a devastating blow

Could your work emails be about to get you into trouble?

Even though we've all read about the scandals, why are we still so indiscreet when it comes to the content of our work emails? Rhymer Rigby explains the risks

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