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Who are the most generous foreign nationals in the UK to send money home?

Almost 40pc of remittances sent in the Christmas period are declared as gifts, with Poles, Nigerians and Americans sending the most money home.

Expert's view of The Apprentice: Now you CV, now you don't

In the 11th of a series of blogs reviewing this season of The Apprentice, a recruitment expert gives his views on how the contestants fared and what lessons can be learned from their mistakes

British job adverts will only be advertised for British workers in new EU deal

The 500,000 jobs on British job site will no longer be uploaded automatically to EU wide website

Gay men earn less than straight men, but lesbians are paid more

Lesbian employees in the UK earn 8pc more than straight women, while gay men earn 5pc less than their heterosexual counterparts -- and the differences are wider in some other countries

Britain's national pay cut is over at last - and our jobs miracle is continuing

Remarkably, 72pc of the increase in net jobs over the past year was made up of full-time employees, rather than self-employed workers or part-timers

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