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How to work for a boss you really don't like

A boss you hate will make your working life a misery. So, what can you do about it - and when should you cut your losses?

Your job is boring: Dinner party Britain needs some new chat

It's time we stopped defining ourselves and everyone we meet through our work. Emma Barnett calls for a revolution in conversation

What sort of face do you need to have to become a FTSE 100 chief executive?

Think you were born to lead? Your face may tell a different story

Scotland's creative economy shrinks as London sucks out talent

Every region in the UK has reported employment growth in its creative economy save Scotland, which has contracted as the creative workforce heads south

How to ask for help - and get it

The science of asking for help is complex: is it ever okay to beg? How do you guarantee a 'yes'? These are the five strategies for getting what you want

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