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Creative degrees: the route to employment?

Don't shy away from creative degrees, says Nick Martindale, many of today's courses have high employment rates because of alignment to industry

Britain leapfrogs Denmark, Luxembourg for low unemployment

UK has third-lowest unemployment in Europe, only behind Germany and Austria

Immigrants and baby boomers are fuelling the rise of the entrepreneur

The surge in start-ups suggests that the 2020s could be one of the best decades for the UK economy in a long time

More fun than they sound: the five most underrated jobs

They might have a terrible reputation or be seen as dull, but sometimes an unsexy-sounding job can be the most rewarding, says Rhymer Rigby

'Apprenticeships are in the spotlight - let's make sure they remain there'

While apprenticeships might be the topic du jour, it makes good business sense to put as much effort as possible into stimulating their growth, says Mark Farrar

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