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UK car manufacturing slumps 14% in June and hard Brexit could mean a further hit, industry body warns

British car industry's ambition to reach an all-time high production figure of 2 million by 2020 is now in jeopardy from a variety of factors, including the impact of Brexit

Amazon and Starbucks take reputation hit from tax avoidance publicity

Both companies have regularly hit the headlines in recent years for paying low levels of corporation tax

Is chlorinated chicken bad for our health and the environment?

Just a day later, Environment Secretary Michael Gove insisted that chlorine-washed chicken imports would not be allowed and that the issue was in fact a "red line" in talks with Washington. So what is the truth and how much does chlorine-washed chicken actually matter?

GlaxoSmithKline to sell more than 130 brands in massive cost-saving drive

The pharmaceutical company looks set to slash jobs and offload brands such as Horlicks
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