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KFC chicken shortage crisis keeps more than 600 restaurants closed: 'Too early to say how long it will take'

Teams working 'flat out all hours to get the rest back up and running', company says

UK needs to harness its inner canine to woo China in the year of the dog

Dogs are friendly, faithful and possess a strong sense of responsibility. So why not draw upon the British Bulldog and the Queen's Corgis qualities to bring Chinese tourists to the UK?

William Hill fined £6.2m for failing to protect customers and prevent money laundering

Lax regulation means that ten customers were allowed to deposit large sums of money linked to criminal offences

William Hill's £6.2m fine is fence responsible gambling message cannot jump

The Gambling Commission found "systemic senior management failure to protect consumers and prevent money laundering". The industry will pay a heavy penalty for its transgressions

Bitcoin has 'failed' as a currency, says Mark Carney

The Bank of England governor believes the cryptocurrency isn't adequate enough because it is 'all over the map'
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