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Bernie Sanders says oil company knows more about climate change than 'pathetic' Donald Trump

The Vermont senator has long confronted Mr Trump on his rejection of science

Air pollution from globalisation linked to premature deaths of more than 750,000 people a year

'If the cost of imported products is lower because of less stringent air pollution controls in the regions where they are produced, then the consumer savings may come at the expense of lives lost elsewhere'

CH2M pulls out of £170m HS2 contract citing 'protracted delays and ongoing speculation' about competition

'We have taken the decision to alleviate any further delays to this critical national infrastructure project,' CH2M said

Now fund manager BlackRock turns to bots, but trackers still win for small investors

The giant US asset manager is looking at ways to make stock picking cheaper

Brexit: German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel tells UK 'let's stay friends' despite EU divorce

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government will fully support the European Commission's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to 'enforce common interests in the negotiations'
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